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Flowers stimulate memory and relieve depression

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In 2004, a team of evolutionary psychologists at Rutgers University conducted research into the health effects of flowers for the elderly. Their remarkable findings showed that flowers really do help to relieve depression and stimulate memory in the over 60s. It’s all extremely positive news.

A scientific investigation

Over 100 elderly people were split into two groups. The test group received flowers as gifts, and the control group did not. The effects of these encounters with nature in the form of a bouquet of flowers were then examined by the scientists. At the end of the six month trial, they announced three wonderful discoveries:

  1. Flowers reduce feelings of depression: study participants showed a significant increase in happiness and a more positive mood when in the company of flowers.
  2. Flowers stimulate the memory: old people with flowers in their environment performed better in daily memory tasks and experienced more and richer personal memories.
  3. Flowers encourage social contact: those who received flowers reconnected with old friends and expanded their social circle with neighbors, like-minded people, and care workers.

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